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The Leprechauns UNDER the rainbow

Clover PatchCreative Commons License Darren Hester via Compfight

I´m sure you have probably heard of leprechauns. Especially around St. Patrick’s day. But do you know what they are there for? They’re short, they’re wrinkled, they didn’t even wear green originally. They’re leprechauns, the mischievous fairy-folk who have become one of the best known Irish symbols (for better or worse.) As you celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day by looking for your own pot of gold, shouldn’t you learn more about leprechauns – who already have pots of gold ripe for the taking?

It’s not all rosy cheeks and smiles with leprechauns. The original Irish fables portrayed the pint-sized creatures as ugly and mean. Leprechauns were shoe-makers who hid the money they made from their craft in pots hidden at the end of rainbows, according to Katharine Brigg’s “Encyclopedia of Fairies: Hobgoblins, Brownies, Bogies, and Other Supernatural Creatures.”

Leprechauns were originally depicted wearing red, not green. In “Legends and Stories of Ireland,” written in 1831, Samuel Lover describes their dress: “He wears a red square-cut coat, richly laced with gold, and the inexpressible of the same, cocked hat, shoes and buckles.”

The idea of wearing green was at 20th century invention, when it became used as a short-hand for everything Irish. The History of St. Patrick makes this point as well.

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Helping our Elders;)

This week we have finished the elevator pitch. My partner Mya and I are going to shoot it at the school green screen room in the library!We have worked on it at the lockers though. But the bad part was that it was really, really loud. So that is what we have accomplished.

I am a little nervous about it but for the most part I feel good. We are working on getting the final touches done but we are almost ready for the big craft visit!I feel pretty good about for the most part though. We have almost got 50 seconds done so far though! That is how I feel about it.

Our deadlines are pretty strict!The whole craft day is march 31! We are almost done with our video though!By this next week though we are doing the finishing touches on the craft prep. That is what most of our deadlines our, however we are feeling pretty good on it!

This week, we have had some issues. We called our mentor, but she did not answer! We left her a voice mail, but she currently has not called back. No biggie though, because we will just call her back next week. We had some complications on our video but they have been fixed. Those were our problems and how we solved them!

That is all for today but have a hopping time helping our elder!;)

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My accomplishments

Heyo people! So I have a LOT to talk about this week! So first of all, my partner Mya and I have started working on our elevator pitch videos and Max and Sadie were our celebrities! So it is quite interesting. Moving on, as you can probably tell our crafts are getting ready to go to the nursing home. We are continuing to film and we are working with Max’s group as well.

So far, I am feeling pretty good about this, but you know it is kind of nerve wrecking! The video is coming together, but it never seems like quite enough! Now, this video has to be 1-2 minutes long and we aren’t really sure how long it takes. It sometimes will take 1 minute to 1 minute 47 seconds.

By next week we are hoping to finish the video if not this week. That is our main deadline. We re planning on finishing the crafts preparation this week. Those is our main deadlines. So we are pretty much feeling good about our deadlines and finishing them ON TIME.

One of our main issues was when we tried to call our mentor she did not answer and she never called back but we are going to call her this week! Another problem that we overcame was who was going to be in our video. We figured that out though. One person that I forgot to mention was our resource officer that we used as a celebrity and we replaced Max with. So that is the rundown on my group! I hope to see you RIGHT HERE! Next week!

Easter Eggs 2014Creative Commons License daryl_mitchell via Compfight

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Cool & Catchy Crafts

Hey guys! I’m still working on the twenty percent project and I have good news! We have found two new crafts, another bunny craft and a duckling craft!They are very simple and cute. The bunny one is cut out paper with a brad in it so it looks like it just got hatched. The other bunny one is a paper plate shaped, decorated, and cut out to look like a adorable little bunny.

This week my partner, Mya, says she has a “surprise” to tell me about our crafts. She says it is a very good “surprise” too. We are going to call our mentor this week as well. Right now, we are scheduled to do our craft on march 31st, around Easter time at 6-7 pm. That is all we are planned to do this week.

So far, I feel pretty good about this. Everything is in line, crafts are set. We are working on our elevator pitch this week. It is going to be so cool because we get to use the greenscreen in the library to record it! That is all for now but I hope I will will see you here, next week!

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My 20% Project: Post 3

Hey Guys! Sammie here! Let me tell you about what is happening this week on my project! So far we have a mentor, Brittany, who works at Florence Park Nursing Home. We are collecting toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls to make crafts out of. My partner Mya and I ( make sure to checkout her blog ) have made a giant model of our craft for a presentation. We have named it, Senor Fluffy Butt. That is all for now, make sure to check this blog out NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!

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My 20% Project

Hi Guys! Today I will be telling you about my 20% project. We are taking Friday/our 20% of the school week to do this project. What we are doing is we are taking 20% of our school week to do basically a passion project. Here is what my partner Mya and I are doing:

We are going to Florence Park Nursing Home and doing Easter crafts there on March 31st. We have accomplished what supplies we need and who our mentor is. We decided to do it in the end of March because we know it will be around Easter so we will have a theme to our crafts. We are making these adorable little recycled toilet roll bunnies. We got this idea off of Pinterest. The craft supplies are easy, toilet rolls, googly eyes, paper, foam paper (optional), and om-bred paper (optional ). That is all for now. ;P.

Hand painted Easter eggs in a wicker basket by @LiliesAndSparrows | classic as a wicker chair.Creative Commons License Wicker Paradise via Compfight

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My 20% project

A lot of people I know say school isn’t fun. That has changed, though, in my school! We have a class called PBL (project base learning). In this class, we have basically a passion project. What I am doing is my partner and I are going to nursing homes to do crafts with the residents. I recently switched groups and got a new partner.  Checkout my partner Mya’s blog by clicking on her name.

Right now we are working on what crafts to make with the residents. We are planning to start in the early spring and do some springy/ Easter crafts. We are looking into prices for materials and/or fundraising. So far we are almost positive we have got almost all the crafts we are doing down.

For the future we are planning to make reservations with the nursing home and for my church. We are planning to talk to the youth director at my church to see if the youth group wants to help to. So far it all looks good to go though.

I have come up with one project over the week to do. My old group that I was with changed the whole idea on me so was not really sure what I was doing. However, I decided to change groups and it so far has worked out. That is all for now but I will try to keep you guys updated! 🙂

Fun and Crafty Ways to Decorate Easter EggsCreative Commons License Personal Creations via Compfight

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My Favorite Holiday: Christmas!

Okay, come on, who doesn’t like Christmas?!

It is the one time of the year when nobody judges you for singing super old songs. All the movies and decorations and snow!(that is for the people that live in the northern hemisphere!) Everybody I know loves Christmas! I personally am a fanatic of Christmas. I love everything Christmas, that is except for fruit cake. I love the ugly sweater parties and having fun  with friends and family. That is why I like Christmas so much.

Let me tell you what is my favorite part. Baking. I love baking Christmas cookies, cake, etc.. Usually, I either make sugar cookies for teachers or my friends. Also, my neighbors always make bourbon balls for my parents and we make homemade caramels and pistachio homemade caramels. Sometimes, other neighbors make homemade apple cider for the whole could-e-sac . It is so sweet and good! That is the main reason I love Christmas soooooo much.

Another reason I love Christmas is the songs.  Hundreds of years worth of songs to listen to, sing, dance to, and more! Think about, Jingle Bells, Rudolph the red nose reindeer, silent night, and more. Here is my one of my favorite songs: Let it snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Or: Joy to the World. That is why I love Christmas so much.

WeihnachtslebkuchenCreative Commons License Theo Crazzolara via Compfight


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My View…

Hey everyone! I am telling you a little story. But there is something different about this story. This is only the start of the story. I will be adding on to this form. The most popular answer will be used on my next post. Feel free to answer!

As I gaze through the window I can see the effects of the brittle winter air. The snow has fallen and seems to have made a thick white blanket across the ground. There is not a single living thing in sight except the surviving pines that have not been cut down for Christmas. The trees that dont have leaves are coated in thick white coats. Then I see a child….

Kungsträdgården, Stockholm, November 9, 2016 Ulf Bodin via Compfight

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My Community Clubs Powtoon!

Checkout my powtoon.Tribute to Roger Ebert get directly down via Compfightget directly down via Compfightget directly down via Compfight

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