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This month the sea animal of the month on my blog is, the dolphin. These incredible specimen can range in sizes. For example, the Maui Dolphin is usually about 4 feet long. How ever, the Orca, or Killer Whale can get up to a whopping 25 feet. Dolphins are very diverse and smart. That is a little why the dolphin is the sea animal of the month.

You probably didn’t realize that dolphins are a lot more like humans then you may think. For one thing, dolphins live and travel with their family. These are called pods. You can usually find dolphins in warm sunny places that are tropical with shallow water. They are very easy to find in Florida.  I want to mention a especially extraordinary dolphin now. The bottle nose dolphin. This dolphin has exceptional sight both in water and out. They are known to also be very friendly. That is why dolphins are the sea animal of the month.

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